It's kids like these that give me hope for the future and restores my faith in humanity.

Senior pranks in High School are generally used for a good laugh between friends you have grown up with for the last twelve years before everyone splits up heading to college or venturing out in the real world. Sometimes even as one last chance to stick it to the establishment before your technically an "adult".

One group of local students from the Berne Knox Westerloo school district took their "senior prank" as an opportunity to help out a fellow classmate who is fighting for their life after being diagnosed with cancer.

Instead of a traditional senior prank this past Thursday the student rallied together to hold a cook out selling burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and taking donations to benefit a senior that is battling cancer. According to Spectrum News at the end of the day the students managed to raise $1,700 for "someone who is not, having such a good time right now".

Talk about getting your right in the feels! With all the negatives you see on the news these days it's nice to see that there are some kids right here in our community who are looking out for each other and trying to give back.

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