The image in this blog does not represent the video but I feel that it is relevant, I can't get over Apple's Christmas commercial with Frankenstein, I am frightened, baffled and inspired all at the same time and for all of the wrong reasons.

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This frightens me because it is obvious that drug addicts are making commercials for Apple.

It baffles me for two reasons:

1. Can you imagine the meeting they must of had before giving the green light for this commercial? Think about it, a group of people who probably make more money then you and I all sat down and decided that this was a great idea for a Christmas commercial. Frankenstein's monster and his iPhone, of course! wants to join in on the holiday festivities but he can't just wander into town, he needs to record a song using his iPhone, he needs to order two Christmas lights with his iPhone to screw into his neck because that's not creepy or anything. Then of course he is rejected at first but is accepted by a little girl with a heart of gold and suddenly he is accepted by everyone and they all live happily ever after.

2. The little girl with the heart of gold baffles me because it seems that according to the popular consensus, there is always a little British girl with a heart of gold somewhere just waiting to warm everyone's heart and make us sing.

This commercial inspires me because it gives me hope that someday I can come up with the stupidest, weirdest, most ridiculous idea for a commercial and get paid for selling it to Apple and no one will drug test me for it.