When compiling candidates for the 10 Best Metal Albums of 2007, we were overwhelmed by how many incredible, lasting albums the year produced. After a healthy back and forth debating which albums should gain entry on this list, we whittled it down to just 10 and here we are!

It was a year that offered diversity and also one where we truly started to see the newer crop of metal acts establish their worth as the next banner waivers of this beloved genre. Of all the bands that appear on this list, only three had a history dating back more than 20 years, demonstrating that metal's legacy acts were able to rest easy knowing the genre they pioneered was faithfully in good hands (and feet for all you drummers).

One of those "elder" bands for the context of this list, are Machine Head, who delivered The Blackening, a pummeling effort lined with the band's ever-sturdy grooves and grander sense of song composition. Also dating back to the mid-'90s are Melechesh, the Middle-Eastern themed black metal outfit that authored the compelling, hard-driving Emissaries, just one of several top-flight black metal releases in 2007.

With thrash experiencing a resurgence in popularity, a slew of bands were quick to ape the innovators, but Municipal Waste broke the mold with a fun, energetic style fueled by a never-ending thirst. The Art of Partying embraced everything fans already loved about thrash, but with their own signature style of precision riffing with a flair for the melodic and the ever-relatable theme of good-natured night time fun.

We've spoiled enough, so scroll through the gallery below to uncover all of of the 10 Best Metal Albums of 2007!

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