When it comes to Christmas cookies, nothing beats good old-fashioned Italian bakery-style ones. Here are two of the best in the area!

I have been to both places but I am a bit partial. So, I will just pass along my opinion with the list provided by New York Upstate for the best Italian bakeries.

The first of the bakeries on the list is Perreca's. I have had their food. Their tomato pie - freaking delicious. Also, their muffuletta is to die for. I have never had their baked goods though. I guess I will really, really have to try them.

The other bakery that made the list is another iconic one in the Capital Region, Bella Napoli.

Bella Napoli is one I am quite partial too. Their pastries and cookies are some of the best I have ever had. My parents swear by this establishment.

See the full list of 10 Italian Bakeries at the link here.

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