I'm not exactly sure how a performance like this came about but let me tell you, I am very intrigued.

Bill Murray is a man of many talents and although he's probably most well know for his comedy and and acting roles in everything from SNL and Caddyshack to Ghostbusters, What About Bob, and even Lost in Translation acting isn't the only performing the man does.

Bill actually has a huge affinity for music. In fact I once, literally, ran into him at a restaurant in Austin TX while we were both attending the South by South West Music Conference. Of course I didn't want to "be that guy" and fawn all over him and ask him for a pic so instead I just took a bunch of creeper pic's from afar.

Terrible I know ...

Anyway recently Bill has been exploring and expressing his love for music and literature with a new project called 'New Worlds' which according to the New York Times is a "program of songs and literary readings paired with chamber music led by the cellist Jan Vogler."

This show seems to be a little all over the place from reading Whitman and Hemingway to singing songs from West Side Story. I'm not exactly sure how this all comes together however, I will tell you I do want to see it go down. If you are having the same thought well then you are in luck because Bill and Jan have got some friends together to take 'New Worlds' on the road and the tour is making it's way to Proctors in Schenectady on Monday, April 9th at 7:30pm.

Tickets for this start at about $50 and actually go on sale tomorrow (2.8.18) morning if you interested in getting some tickets you can do that by clicking HERE. If you are still on the fence about it you can check out the trailer for the tour and/or watch Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & Friends discuss their new album, 'New Worlds' on CBS Sunday Morning below.