The Billboard Chart has reached its 1,000th number 1 song! Since its inception in August of 1958, countless artists have had the pleasure of gracing themselves atop the coveted list.

The milestone song, "Born This Way", belongs to Lady Gaga.  You would hope for the milestone to be of the likes of The Beatles, The Stones, Clapton, etc. Alas, we can look back on the songs we grew up with, danced at the prom with, sipped our first bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 to (What?!?), songs we played at our high school graduations and songs we still blast while driving upthe northway.

Billboard did an amazing job listing every single song, the date the song reached number one and they even posted a youtube video for EVERY SONG!  I'll be honest, ol' Monte has been blasting some flashbacks in his headphones all morning saying "I was doing this ____ when I first heard this tune."  I swear, "____", were all legal things.  Riiiiighht.

No matter the genre of music you dig, some of these songs are just pure classics that you sing along to the second the first chord hits.  "Wild Thing" by The Troggs sitting at number 165 may have hit number one back on 7/30/66 but I know at every wedding, you yourself shout out "You make my heart sing!".  How many of us couldn't stop saying "Don't Worry, Be Happy" once Bobby McFerrin's tune hit number one back on 9/24/88?  I'll be honest, I almost wore my pants backwards when "Jump" came out - Kriss Kross, 4/25/1992. 

Go ahead, take a look.

Live up some memories from Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Bon Jovi to Nickelback.  They're all there. In the mean time, I'm going to get my Axel Rose Snake dance on.

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