Who doesn't love a good 'Hair Band'?  Fun flashy and catchy as hell.  Plus you know you have a good time at their shows!


Today we have a beautiful day here in the Albany area so I have been cranking up the tunes.  To me it doesn't say summer unless I have annoyed my neighbors by blasting some of the 80's best.  Hair bands are one of my favorite genres to rock out too, as I'm sure most of you do to.  The music is fun and rowdy and just sugar coated enough for the girls to like it too, perfect.So what better tunes to crank up, kick back with a  cold one and just totally enjoy this wonderful sunny day we are having?

I have my favorites, as do you and maybe we even share some of the same ones.  One of my goals was to see as many hair bands as possible and I have seen quite a bit of them.  Def Leppard twice, Motley Crue several times, Poison, Ratt, Cinderella, Fire House, the list goes on. So who is the best of the genre?  Here are my top 10, all my opinion of course so make sure to add some in if I have left them out!

10. Warrant
I am hands down guilty of knowing ever single word to "Cherry Pie".  Warrant is unfortunately known for just that song, but they have so many more.  Expose yourself to some of their other music and you will love them too.

9. Slaughter
So 80's and still rocking out to this day. If you haven't been able to see Slaughter live, do it!

8. LA Guns
This was one of my favorite shows. I even got to introduce them on stage. The band may have a bit of an identity crisis right now but which ever version you see it will be awesome!

7. Bon Jovi
They may have changed up their sound a little bit, but old school Bon Jovi is one of the best in the hair genre. Especially Slippery When Wet.

6. Whitesnake
A hair metal Led Zeppelin, or at least that's what David Coverdale would like to believe. I think Whitesnake is hair metal. Loud guitars, screaming vocals, cars girls. Need I say more?

5. Dokken
I am glad to see Dokken back at it, even if the Lynch man isn't with them all the time.  Don Dokken had an awesome voice and put together a great band.

4. Def Leppard
Def Leppard was actually my first concert ever, so I probably a little bias with the whole thing. I do love them no matter how many people make fun of them. Before Hysteria they had some pretty kick ass rock tunes.

3. Skid Row
Always loved Sebastian Bach's vocals with the band. They aren't with him any more and have kind of disappeared but we"ll always have "Youth Gone Wild" and "Slave to the Grind" to crank in remembrance.

2. Poison
If you listen to anyone from the genre talk about life on the Sunset Strip you know that Poison was the band that would out promote your gig anytime of the day of the night. I have seen them a few times and they totally won me over with their live show.

1. Motley Crue

The Crue is one of my all time favorite bands hair or not. I even liked when they changed up their sound a bit in the 90's to that crazy industrial sound. They were separated for a little bit, but have been going strong together for the last few years even with their own festivals. Niki even says they still have some of their best years ahead of them.

Twisted Sister and RATT would be my number 11 and 12 picks.

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