It's Black Friday, the biggest shopping Day of the year. On this week's Free Advice Friday we got some advice on how to get all those screaming deals a bit more efficiently.

Thanksgiving is over, dishes are done, the fridge is full of leftovers, now it's time to shop!

Look you were thankful for a good couple of hours today now it's time to get down to business and get to shopping. Retailers took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday falling on a Thursday every year to your benefit and created Black Friday in order to offer you up crazy deals on things you probably don't need (as well as an extra day off work). Even if you do need such things you know that you are going to run into lines, crazy shoppers, and supply problems so it's really a matter of patience and diligence or pure luck to be able check off everything and everyone on your list.

So on this weeks Free Advice Friday Vinnie and I thought we would throw down some advice on how to best efficiently score deals on all those items you want. Check it out!

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