This is a very strange show indeed.

I remember hearing about this a while back. Some Patrick Stewart show called 'Blunt Talk' that I was going to have to watch due to an acute case of Patrick Stewart being awesome. I remember thinking it must be a talk show.

So this is not a talk show. It's an actual show with a script. A very strange script. Sir Patrick Stewart is playing an amalgam of every republican talking head you can think of. I'll admit, I didn't watch all thirty minutes of the show, because I'm at work and I don't want to get fired. What I did see involved drunk driving, edibles, police accidentally tazing each other, a trans-sexual courtesan and Brent Spiner . That's the first 10 minutes.

Blunt Talk Series PremiereWaiting is over. Here it is! The premiere episode of Blunt Talk is streaming now! My character Walter Blunt's behavior is a little embarrassing in this episode, but I am proud of the show. And after viewing the first episode, you may visit this link to watch the second episode. My treat.

Posted by Patrick Stewart on Saturday, August 15, 2015

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