The legendary Queen guitarist is reported to be on the new album from musics current most outrageous performer.


Lady Gaga is the biggest thing in pop music right now, but I think she is bigger than that.  I feel like she incorporates a lot of shock rock into her act and that makes a lot more people take notice of her.  I learned when she first came onto the scene that her name was taken from the Queen song "Radio Ga Ga" which already led me to believe that she had a pretty eclectic taste in the music that influences her.

On her latest album Born This Way she has teamed up with a member of the band that helped give her, her name.   Brian May will be playing guitar on the track "You & I".  I can't wait to hear it, because say what you will about Gaga she is fantastic artist.  A weirdo, yes but great at what she does.  I am a Lady Gaga fan.  I am also a Queen fan so the paring of these two has me very interested.  I haven't heard the studio version yet since her album doesn't hit stores until May 23.  Here she is performing the song on The Today Show.  She even says that it's a rock n roll tune.  It's much different than her usual stuff, but I like it.  I think behind all the outfits and antics Gaga is a great song writer.