Warren County Sheriffs say they stopped a Bronx man who was allegedly going 110 MPH on I-87 and having a BAC level of .25%

The incident happened around 3:30 AM Sunday when, according the police report, the alleged driver was seen leaving a gas station at Exit 21 at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was then said to reach speeds up to 110 MPH while swerving between the lanes of traffic.

Michael Green, the driver, was stopped by police and arrested on charges of felony aggravated unlicensed operation, felony aggravated DWI, and felony DWI.

This isn't the first run in with the law for Green either when it comes driving while intoxicated. In the last decade he has had prior DWI convictions along with more than 20 driving revocations and suspensions on his driving record.

After being arraigned he was relocated to the Warren County Correctional Facility due to lack of bail.

This begs the questions; how much it too much before you completely take a person's driving privileges away?




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