Well, at least he didn't use a Trident otherwise Ron Burgandy would have told him to lay low for a while until the heat cools off.

Actually, the owner, David Elmendorf, of Bumpy's Polar Freeze was arrested Friday after an alleged assault on a private investigator, Ron Hilton. Hilton was at Elmerdorf's house when he was stabbed in the neck and back of the head several times with a pen according to the Times Union.

The alleged assault came after Ron Hilton tried to serve David Elmendorf legal papers. Elmendorf was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. According to the Daily Gazette Elmendorf also had four active arrest warrants for charges including harassment, obstruction of governmental administration, menacing, and a violation of public health laws.

It hasn't been a good year for Elmendorf and Bumpy's Polar Freeze. This year Elmendorf has been accused of not paying his employees, using racist slurs in texts, health code violations during the pandemic, and even threatening to shoot protesters with a pellet gun.

After a year of trouble maybe it's time for David Elmendorf to "lay low" for the rest of the season until the heat cools off.

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