Bummer! We were really pulling for Pat this season and I'm sure he cannot be happy about how this went down.

It was just a few weeks ago that we learned that Watervliet's Pat Cusack would be appearing on the current season of 'Survivor' know as 'David vs. Goliath' which is astonishingly the 37th season of the show! I know may in the Capital Region that were excited to be able to root for one of our own again this season and unfortunately all that excitement came to an end on the season premier of the show.

This season the contestants were competing on the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji where, at the time of filming, they were experiencing some rough waters thanks to Tropical Cyclone Josie which, according to NewYorkUp.com killed 4 people in April. Well, on the way back from their first first immunity challenge the boat the contestants were riding on hit a wave, hard. So hard one of the other competing contestants said that when the boat hit they heard a loud crack. Unfortunately that cracking sound was Pat's back!

Almost immediately producers and the people behind the scenes could tell that Pat wasn't going to be able to finish out the competition because the pain was so severe. Obviously his safety and well being was everyone's main priority excepts for maybe Pat who in the moment said:

You can't take me, I can't leave. I can't go out this way... I don't want to quit!

The host of the show Jeff Probst said that it was the worst injury he had seen in 35 seasons. Since his team "The David's" had lost their challenge and one member of their team was suppose to be voted off there was no Tribal Council and poor Pat became the first contestant to be eliminated this season.

I imagine the whole situation had to have been heartbreaking and a bit scary especially to not even get to compete and prove one way or another to yourself. On the upside however, Pat has since made a full recovery and although he doesn't have a million dollars he is still here, functioning, and able to enjoy his children.

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