As a huge comic book nerd, I had to go see the highly anticipated 'Captain America' this weekend and I am glad I did.  Not only was it a great movie, it set up one awesome movie for summer 2012.


This weekend was the latest for comic book fans across the nation. The beloved character Captain America came to life on the movie screen once again, but this time it was done the right way.

Much like Thor, Captain America was very well written and the best part for movie goers was that you didn't need to be familiar with the character in order to enjoy the movie.  This seems to be the new trend as far as comic book movies go. The part that I liked the best was that it wasn't corny.  The humor was there, but it was a great take on the WWII era.

Chris Evans played a great Steve Rogers from start to finish.  He was believable as a little guy with a big heart, and as a big guy with an even bigger heart.  Plus he totally kicked some ass.  I like that they threw the character of Bucky in there, but didn't make him some kid side kick.  Instead they made him one of Cap's best friends.  As I expected, Hugo Weaving was awesome as the Red Skull.  I don't know what it is about him, but he plays a great villain. Tommy Lee Jones was also a great addition to the cast as Col. Phillips.

The movie did so well this weekend, it knocked Harry Potter out of the number one spot and grossed about $68 million.  Potter dropped nearly 70% from last weekend and only took in $48 million.

Make sure you guys stick around after the credits.  As usual, Marvel delivers at the end of the movie with an awesome look of what is to come.

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