At age 59, Carrie Fisher has been around the block a few times. She’s appeared in her fourth Star Wars film with The Force Awakens earlier this month, and frankly, she’s got no patience for haters. The woman has still got it and then some; she was riotous in her guest appearance on 30 Rock a few years back and she exuded pure screen presence in every frame of The Force Awakens. So when triflin’ suckas come at the queen, she delivers justice in a swift and merciless manner, and in 140 characters or less. Clearly fed up with insults being lobbed her way concerning her appearance in the latest Star Wars picture, Fisher took to Twitter to put it down.

This may be persnickety, but it’s rather unclear whether Fisher means “all of my feelings” or if that’s not a typo and she does indeed mean “all three of my feelings.” And in that case, what might her three feelings be? For my money, they’re probably Joy, Powerful, and Heroic.

But beyond that, there’s something kind of exhilarating about seeing an adult woman, a movie star at that, issue a blanket instruction to “blow” her. Aging actresses are generally held to unrealistic standards by a media culture obsessed with youth and fitness, and so there’s a righteous edge to Fisher’s bold declaration. Emojis notwithstanding, this is a tweet worthy of printing out, having bronzed, and mounted above the fireplace.

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