What do you get when you combine three adults and 134 cats in a Halfmoon trailer?  We aren't sure, but it can't smell very good.  Three people were arrested on Monday after state police found 134 cats in their trailer. 


I know, is anyone surprised they lived in a trailer?  You have to feel bad for the animals though. Neighbors said that the cats weren't only inside, but they were also living under and outside of the trailer as well. Apparently they didn't get the memo that there was no more room at the Inn.

As fun as it would be to just poke fun at this family that looks like they jumped off of a circus train, unfortunately the story takes a serious turn.  According to neighbors, 'cat hoarding' can be a serious problem.

The three people, Arthur C. Millard, Earl J. Millard, and Mary A. Ryan have been charged with mistreating the animals and are in some serious trouble.   According to the original CBS6 story, the investigation began a month ago, and the people would scoop up stray cats from all over the area and take them in. Maybe their hearts were in the right place, but it has come back to bite (or scratch) them.

Police began removing the cats, and 19 of them had to be put to sleep right away.  As the owner of a cat that I spoil to death, it breaks my heart.  The Times Union reports that 64 of the cats have been sent off to foster homes, so hopefully they will all be alright.

We would like to thank the New York State Police for releasing these mugshots, because they are hands down some of the best we have ever seen.