Will Cuomo's E-Cigarette Executive Action Ban Go Up in Smoke
In case you haven't heard, Governor Cuomo once again made headlines all over the place this week with an Executive Action banning the sales of most flavored e-cigarettes.
Frankly, this has been all I've heard about this week and I've seen really really strong reactions- both in support…
Should Looking 'Rock and Roll' Matter for Work
Work- something that most of the time is a necessity.  That work-week grind can be exhausting.  And of course, there are all different types of work places, from offices to restaurants, to concert halls.
As someone who has always worked in both music and healthcare in my professional life, …
New York State Ranks One of The Top for Psychopaths
Halloween movies and thrillers may be based on the idea of a psychopath, but it turns out you don’t even need to turn to the movies.
I stumbled across an article about the U.S. states with he most psychopaths.  New York ranked pretty high on the list...
Get Ready to Enjoy A New Whiskey Out of New York
Get ready for an Inferno!
Not only is there a new whiskey coming out of New York, but it's also going to do some good for burn victims.  I caught wind of this on and of course since we're going into September (and then basically Hot Toddy season), I felt li…
It's Now Illegal to Stage A Car Crash for Insurance in NY
This is just becoming a crime?  Because I thought fraud was already a felony.
Apparently, according to news channel 6, staging a car for insurance fraud is now a crime which can be charged as a felony.  Seems to me like this should have been a thing all along...
Legislation Looking to Reduce Plastics And Paper in Troy
Legislation introduced in Troy is looking to cut down on paper and plastics.
Councilman David Bissember in Troy introduced the legislation to target waste in Troy, and try to clean up the city’s act according to News Channel 13.   New York is already planning to try and ban …

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