Weird News

New York Reservoir Wipes Out Entire Town
Well, when the city of Manhattan is growing so fast that they need more water, the state invokes their "rights" and literally takes a town away from the 3000 people that lived there. That town was called Bittersweet and today it lies under 175 feet of water known as the Neversink Reservoir…
The Potato Formerly Known As Mr. Potato Head?
The toy and game company Hasbro announced that Mr. Potato Head will no longer be called Mr. Potato Head. Going forward the artist formerly known as Mr. will now be known simply as Potato Head. This announcement comes with the launch of Hasbro's "Create Your Potato Head Family" kit, wi…
Hey Niskayuna, You're Going The Wrong Way!
Hey Niskayuna and all other towns in the area!! What happened to the safety measures using arrows in grocery stores? More specifically what happened to people following the guidelines of one way traffic in Hannaford, Walmart or Market 32 around the Capital Region?
Why Is Moses In Albany?
Most of us in the Capital Region have visited or at least driven by Washington Park in Albany. I find it to be a beautiful piece of property with the Lake House, Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the grounds but why is there a statue of Moses?

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