2020 is a leap year and at Q1057 is taking advantage of this every event that happens almost every four years.

So this Leap Day we're featuring songs from albums that were released on leap years.

Here's what you'll here Saturday.


10am 1972   Rolling Stones  Exile on Main Street

11am 1976   Peter Frampton  Frampton Comes Alive

12pm 1980  AC/DC   Back in Black

1pm   1984   Cars   Heartbeat City

2pm   1984   Bruce Springsteen  Born in the USA

3pm   1980    Queen   The Game

4pm   1984    Van Halen   1984

5pm   1980    Police  Zenyatta Mondatta

6pm   1976    Steve Miller Band  Fly Like An Eagle

7pm   1972    Deep Purple  Machine Head

8pm   1996    Metallica  Load

Listen all day on leap day February 29th to hear songs, doubleshots and blocks from bands that released albums on leap years.

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