Apparently after losing both his children and his job now, Charlie is finally seeing the light.  Charlie Sheen recently admitted to Life & Style magazine (undoubtedly for a small fee) that he has been 'losing his mind' for some time now.

"I'm really starting to lose my mind," says Sheen. "I'm ready to call anyone to help."

One of his friends even tells the magazine that he is deeply worried about Charlie.  He said that Two and a Half Men meant a lot to him and dealing with his kids and and ex-wife has just gotten to be too much for him and they (his friends) are seriously worried about him doing something drastic like committing suicide.

Perhaps all of this has just been a huge cry for help from Sheen?  He admits in the magazine that his life has been spiraling out of control for months.

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Photo By: Riccardo S. Savi, Getty Images Entertainment

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