Charlie Sheen must have decided that he’s tired of embarrassing himself as he had a bit of class last night at the Emmys. He was brief and to the point, and chances are when he wished everyone at Two and a Half Men the best, he probably wanted to say… Well, everyone but Chuck Lorre. But he managed to keep it simple and didn’t make himself look like a jackass. Good job Charlie!

So what about the new Two and a Half Men premiere with Ashton Kutcher tonight? Yeah, it’s on during Monday Night Football and the G-Men are playing, but you can probably DVR it. I’m still not sure what to think myself. When it was announced that Ashton would be the new star, I was one of the few that was trying to have a positive attitude about it remembering how Ashton made me laugh in That 70’s Show, while most I know said the show would be nothing without Sheen. Now that the show is actually going to happen, I’m starting to have second thoughts about Kutcher. But my DVR is already set to record every episode of Two and a Half Men anyway, so I’ll give it a spin after the football game.

And don’t forget tonight is Charlie Sheen's Roast on Comedy Central as well. Pre Roast starts at 9:45 with the official Roast to begin at 10pm.