Like most of us, musicians are also spending a lot more time at home and it has given us some great moments. This is one of them from a couple of local musicians.

Albany's Moriah Formica was a contestant on the 13th season of The Voice on NBC. She immediately turned all four coaches chairs with her version of Heart's "Crazy On You." If you missed it, I've posted it below.

Well, having more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic has given us another gem from Moriah. This time it's her and drummer Brook C rocking out to the Heart classic "Barracuda."

To me this video is amazing. Not only does she sound like Ann Wilson singing, but her guitar playing is spot on Nancy Wilson. It really blew me away. Not to mention, that these two did this in separate locations. By the way, I know Moriah is getting most of the internet love from this post, but Brook C is an outstanding drummer and she puts her own flair on the song.

Check out the video I think you'll be blown away too.

Here's Moriah Formica's blind audition on The Voice.

Find out more about Moriah Formica at

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