KFC debuted their new recipe recently in Los Angels, CA to a unsuspecting customer, according to that one lucky customer Devorise Dixon KFC's new recipe is "hard and rubbery." 


Ever since KFC changed their name from "Kentucky Fried Chicken" to KFC they felt that they were no longer obligated to serve just chicken.

The folks at KFC had to get creative, because beef is for burgers and there are one too many restaurants that serve burgers.

Pork is a different story, because you can add bacon to anything and make it great, but everyone has some kind of pork product on their menu and KFC wanted to be original.

Because Americans have never embraced any type of meat outside of beef, chicken and pork, KFC decided to go with rats.

By serving fried rats KFC hopes to reduce the amount of rats that infest areas in which rats are infesting, for the environment and for the children. Also there are plenty of rats in America to fry.

This is the first alternate meat product KFC plans to add to it's menu.

Coming soon.


Thumper Nuggets!

Because he had nothing nice to say at all.