Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins has had it rough, he recently lost his wrestling promotion and because of Bill Murray no one seems to care that he has been a lifelong Cubs fan.

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Not only did Billy Corgan lose his bid for TNA Wrestling, but he is also upset at celebrity Cubs fans and calls them all a bunch of posers.

I don't think that Bill Murray is a Poser or John Cusack, and I think that Billy is just jealous of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder because it's not too hard to get into a Billy Corgan concert. If Billy really thinks that Nick Offerman is a poser then he better be willing to say it to his face!

Hillary Clinton may be a poser, I don't know but I would like to see an email to confirm that.

CM Punk is a Cubs fan and he is just as whiny as Billy, but the bottom line is this: The Cubs won the World Series Billy, cheer up and shut up!

I'm a Detroit Lions fan.