One of the good things about superheroes are the actors they get to play in the movies. I couldn't image a hotter or more perfect Thor other than Chris Hemsworth. With all the hype of  The Avengers which comes out this summer of course Chris Hemsworth was bound to be one of my crushes.

Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11 1983. He is from Melbourne, Australia. I told you I love accents!! He is married to actress Elsa Pataky. He has been a actor since 2002. He is well known for his role in Thor. I like the part in the movie when he took his shirt off ;). There will be a Thor 2 coming out in 2013!!! Here's the official trailer for movie The Avengers which  comes out May 4th. Speaking of The Avengers the soundtrack rocks too and I'll be playing the new Soundgarden song from the soundtrack sometime in the 9 o'clock hour!