It seems there is a beer in every flavor possible. I have seen donut flavored beer before, I have never heard of a meat flavored one though.

Well, that is until now. Schmaltz Brewing in Clifton Park for the past few months has been brewing a pastrami inspired beer. You heard that right, pastrami. It may sound a bit odd. I get it. I had to look twice when I saw that this was a thing. I also am someone who will try anything once. I will be hitting up their brewery soon to get my lips on this brew.

They began brewing this on national pastrami day, January 14th. They also are selling this in 30 states across the country in four packs. Salt, pepper, caraway seed, mustard seed and, horseradish are all parts of this beer. The flavor according to NYUP makes you crave pastrami.

Would you try this beer?