Its been roughly two years since Phil Brooks also known to the world as CM Punk had walked out of a Monday Night Raw event after a rough talk with Vince McMahon. Punk has since signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion. His debut is coming very soon.

Punk inked a contract with UFC late last year the exacts of it are very unsure. Will he fight once, twice who knows. I'm not sure why he has yet to. Punk was always in very good physical shape. A bit injury prone but when your wrestling fake or not upwards of 250 days a year, you would be injury prone too.

He has been training and conditioning since his signing. UFC President Dana White says Punk will most like debut in June which would be UFC 199.

White said.. “The CM Punk fight is probably going to be in June, UFC 199 is what I’m thinking.” - Boston’s Toucher & Rich show

Now I would highly doubt Punk has any choice in the matter but it makes so much more sense for his first octagon appearance to happen at UFC 200. I mean come on, 200 will be a huge show. Putting Punk on the bill makes perfect business sense. The only other question is who will be his first opponent?

That looks to be none other than Micky Gall as long as he is to win at UFC 196. Gall currently professionally is 1-0. Alright one fight, but a win. Gall also is a Gracie graduate which I believe speaks far more for him. He had this to say about the possibility of fighting punk..

“Honestly, man, I think that guy’s used to going into a ring and whispering to his guy, ‘Hey, let’s do a clothesline. Hey, let’s practice jumping off the ropes and this and that,’ ” Gall said. “I think when he gets in there and he has me coming at him looking to kill him, I don’t think he’ll be able to handle it. He’s a professional wrestler, and he’s great at that. He’s made himself a millionaire doing that. But now he’s stepping into a different world, and I think he’d be in a lot of trouble.”…

“To be honest, I just think if I hit that dude in his face hard, I don’t think he’s going to react well with that,”


Fighting words I say. This should be Interesting.. Here is a peak at his training.