I have a Kia Forte, I don't mind. But I sure hope you don't own a Chevy Silverado.

I'm sure you want quite a bit of context here correct? Well, here you go.

Starbucks is looking to add a location at Colonie Center. This is cool I suppose. I tend to make my own coffee in the morning but I know people go ballistic for their Starbucks. The store doesn't look to be adding the location in the mall it seems though. It will actually be located where there are parking spaces currently. More than likely this will affect you most if you shop at Whole Foods.

The store looks to be going in the Sears parking lot.

Here is where I'm not a fan. Sure, as I stated above, I have a Kia Forte. Still smaller spaces are not cool. I already hate parking at Colonie Center. You never can find a spot. Now its going to be even harder to get into an open spot quickly to avoid losing it. Or you may just be at risk for swiping a driver side door on the swing in.

I don't like this at all. Check out more here from Times Union.

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