The writer of one of the top 10 Christmas songs of all time has some deep roots in the Capital Region that he and his estate continued to honor even after his passing.

I'm a sucker for the the stories behind the music and it's always super cool when those stories hit home, or in this case, originate right here in our community!

"I'll Be Home For Christmas" is easily one of the top Christmas songs of all time and it's kind of crazy but awesome to think that "coming home for Christmas" could mean coming home to the Capital Region. Over the years the story behind the song has been that it was written from the perspective of a World War II soldier longing for home. But did you know that the man who wrote the song is actually from right here in the Capital Region?

According to WNYT Kim Gannon, the song writer, actually lived in Greenwich went to Albany Law, and worked at a law firm in Ballston Spa before moving to New York City and eventually writing the song that would be come a huge hit for Bing Crosby and played for millions every holiday season.

It was here in the Capital Region that he discovered his passion for music while working at a local radio station. Us radio geeks tend to have a huge passion for music only most of us aren't so lucky as Kim to have the talent and ability to actually create the music we love so much. His love and passion for the music took him and his wife to New York City  where he wrote the famous song and went on to write for many singers, Broadway musicals, movies and Disney shorts.

Even with all his success in the big city Greenwich was in his heart. They kept a home in town and even after his passing his estate left money behind to create a park and a youth center for the community.

Though it's said that the song is about a soldier returning home from war the song is so relatable that it could mean one of many things to different people. With Gannon's love for this town it's not too far of a reach to say that maybe he was longing to come "home" to Greenwich for the holiday just a little bit while writing the song as well.