Though Hole are not actively supporting new music at the moment and it's been a little bit since we've heard new Courtney Love music, the singer continues to remain in the spotlight with performances in a variety of places ... including the kitchen of one of Hollywood's top couples. Love recently dropped by to chat with actress Anna Faris on her Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast and treated Faris, her husband Chris Pratt and others to an impromptu jam of Hole's "Never Go Hungry" in the couple's kitchen.

As can be seen in the Instagram video below, Love has only her guitar and voice to entertain and has the full attention of Pratt and Faris, as well as a few mostly off camera guests. It's a raw rendition that shows the singer can be truly in her element, even if the "stage" is one that has a counter and sink near by. Watch it play out below.

Earlier this year, Love reignited speculation of a reunion with the classic Hole lineup by posting a photo of herself hanging out with bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur and drummer Patty Schemel. The classic lineup, which also includes guitarist Eric Erlandson, toyed with the idea of reuniting in 2014, but were unable to get on the same page in terms of what they wanted out of the experience.

In the time since, Love has bolstered her acting resume, released a few songs, has worked on a book and is set to appear as a model for the Fall 2016 Marc Jacobs ad campaign.

Look for Love's appearance on the Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast posted soon, but in the interim, you can check out past episodes here.

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