Today, I crashed Time Warner Cable.  No, it wasn't a network crash or anything like that.  I actually crashed a work place, which happened to be Time Warner Cable, for the Q103 WorkDay Distraction!  In hand, I had a pair of tickets to go see King Crimson in November at the Egg, and a pair of tickets to the Baseball Hall of Fame!

I can't divulge the name of our WorkDay Distraction winner, as they weren't actually at work (unfortunately).  I showed up to the workplace on New Karner Road, and had AMAZING help from everyone on site.  An awesome employee named Steve even helped me search out where the winner would be in the building, but as it turns out, they weren't there.  So a HUGE thanks to Steve!  While we are working on reaching out to this weeks winner, the prize tickets are staying safe and sound until we can hand it over to the hard worker who won.

Each week, we pick a winner for the WorkDay Distraction, so nominate yourself or your hardworking coworkers here!