Severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado threats are what most of us in the capital region are waking up to.

We are seeing some crazy weather lately and it seems like today it is getting even crazier.  I woke up today and did all of my normal stuff before arriving here at the radio station at 4:30am and had no idea what was going on around me.  That's when I sat down in the studio and heard the Emergency Broadcast System go over the Q airwaves saying that there was a tornado warning for some of the listening area.

That is some pretty serious and scary stuff.  Also in the immediate Albany area we are seeing severe thunderstorm warnings and a flood watch.  Now as I look out of the studio window I am seeing the clouds in the sky moving rather quickly in what seems to be a circular pattern.  The trees are blowing like crazy and that doesn't sit so well with me.  I really don't want to get hit with a tornado, but we might!

We are getting reports of one touching down outside of Utica and Little Falls so it could be on it's way here.  The warm weather is causing more than just us being caught off guard by it.  It's making massive thunder storms that are swirling around which is what causes the tornado.  Deleware, Herkimer, Hamilton and Fulton counties could see effects of this an are under warning right now.  To top that off we are also seeing flash flood warnings because the Hudson is way higher than usual.  Ahh nature, how you love to beat us up.