Where would all of us be without our education?  No where is the correct answer.  I owe a lot of my success and achievement to my teachers.  I would love for my children to be able to say the same thing, but the way things are going that could be a thing of the past.

Every single year I keep hearing about local schools cutting teaching jobs, sports and even classes.  This needs to stop.  I know that things can get expensive, and schools only have limited budgets, but we are talking about education here.  It's the foundation that we build our entire life on, why would you cut that?

I live in Bethlehem, and apparently they are going to be cutting multiple teacher positions and even heard that they may be cutting AP classes in order to save the school money.  The reason why?  The people in Bethlehem don't want to pay higher taxes.  Guess what?  Those taxes also pay our local politicians, who as far as I'm concerned do a whole lot of nothing.  Instead of cutting school funding, how about we cut some of them?  Or at the very least some of their ridiculous salary.

I also read in the Times Union that there will now be tougher teacher evaluations. That is just an excuse to cut good teachers and pack classrooms even more than they already are. Why is it so easy to cut teaching positions, but we are constantly coming up with made up government positions?  All I'm saying is just think people.  We need our teachers, and we should stand up and fight for them.