Even though it was widely publicized that a Limp Bizkit show promoted as taking place on 4/20 at a Sunoco station in Dayton, Ohio was revealed as fake, there were a number of Bizkit fans who turned up just in case it was all a smokescreen. In fact, there were enough people who turned out to shut down the station briefly and led to police being called to clear the area.

According to local station, WHIO, more than 100 people flocked to the gas station, while another 50 or so had taken residence across the street, some fully aware it was a prank and just wanting to see what would happen and others holding out hope that the rumors would actually be true.

The prank started with someone launching a fake Facebook event page stating that the band would play the gas station on 4/20, complete with what looked like a tweet from the group's account for the banner of the site. There were also flyers circulating on the Internet. However, the Dayton Police Department posted on their social media that the show was indeed a fake and when someone alerted Limp Bizkit about said show, they responded that it was BS.

WHIO reports that police initially showed up to run off a crowd that had gathered at the station after the owner called because those on hand were blocking the entrance. Police continued to patrol the station throughout the night, having to clear out those in attendance.

Michael Pelaze, one of those who showed up, told WHIO, “I was hoping something fun would go down. I immediately knew it was a joke. It was pretty obvious." He added that he was more interested in seeing what might happen. What did go down was a few dressed up fans, a band and others on hand who were heard chanting, "We want Fred," in reference to singer Fred Durst.

Eventually, the Sunoco station closed and the lights were turned off in hopes that people would get the message that it was time to disperse. Though they had commented on the rumors earlier in the day, Limp Bizkit responded once more on a tweet about the fake show, giving props to the pranksters.

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