The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show will be in Albany on Friday for a live broadcast. I am very excited, however I have some complaints regarding some serious issues that they have discussed on the show. 



Green Arrow was first. Although the movies based on characters from the comics look like a train wreck, DC still rules and Marvel will forever drool. If Eric Zane wants to fight me about it, then I will show him why bad guys fear Starman's Cosmic Rod.


The boys of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show don't like their music heavy, so I think we should educate them, or has the 518 lost it's edge?

I know that they are just messing with us, but they have made some outrageous claims. They have said that Pantera sucks. Eric Zane said that System Of a Down is garbage and that Metallica's best album was "Reload."


Wrestling is not silly. Eric Bischoff returning to TV was a big deal and all WWE fans are not sad men with beer-guts who smell. Wrestling fans are intelligent people who like to watch sweaty men rolling around and grabbing each other in a ring. They even have "Irish Whips."

Professional wrestling is as real as it looks, and if you want to dispute that fact, the Capital Region is full of professional wrestlers, one of them was even on Wife Swap. 


Why is it so funny that Willie Aames is Bibleman?

Because of all the time he must of spent with Scott Baio, that's like inches of material.

Like: Joanie may love Chachi, but Jesus loves Buddy.

Come on......

The Detroit Lions

Are going to win the Super Bowl.


The Rock-A-Holic can deep-throat three bananas.

Dan America, Open Mic Stand-Up Comedian

Open mic stand-up comedians have feelings too.


Comics, metal, wrestling, Bibleman, the Detroit Lions, bananas and me. All important issues, and all American.

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