Death Wish Coffee, home of the worlds strongest coffee out of Round Lake, has won the "Small Business, Big Game" contest and will have their ad air during Super Bowl 50!

I support Death Wish Coffee, their coffee is strong and it's good. Take it from someone who has worked at six different coffee shops.

My coffee adventures began at Dunkin Donuts in Latham, on Route 9, before the renovations, where I used to upset my older co-workers by insisting that spreading cream cheese on a bagel was an art. Then I worked at the Coffee Beanery, in Crossgates Mall, where I was introduced to espresso. I can't remember most of my time at the Beanery because I was way too hyper, but I do remember my manager, Craig Armstrong, who taught me everything there is to know about coffee. The man is a coffee guru.

Then I worked at Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Sparrowbush and Route 9. Long story short, I am not a very good Dunkin employee, and sometimes your co-workers get upset when you post signs asking what the Boston Cream donut has to do with Boston? They get really upset when you pull into the drive-thru after your shift to ask them the question.

Then I worked at Professor Java's, and that is why I don't go back.

Then I worked at Nancy's Coffee in Crossgates, where I was the Master Barista! Then they closed.

Finally, I worked at Starbucks on Route 7. They would not let me make drinks because of my awesome customer service skills. I was the guy who refused to write your names on your cups because you should be able to remember what you ordered.

I have drank a lot of coffee, I have made a lot of coffee, and Death Wish is the best! And I would like to congratulate them on winning the contest!