Dee Snider is looking ahead to his second solo record since the dissolution of Twisted Sister. With the feisty "Tomorrow's No Concern" representing the first single, the singer has followed it up with a video for "Become the Storm," premiering here at Loudwire (video above).

"The rain is nothing to fear when you become the storm," belts an ageless Dee Snider during the song's opening moments. "Become the Storm" balances flashes of jovial melodies while maintaining an uptempo rhythmic heft. There's depth to the guitar work, which builds as the song goes on, getting the spotlight with a brief screaming solo. Any Twisted Sister die-hard should be pleased that their hero is planting his boots in modern metal with such conviction.

"It can be a dark world out there for people being bullied and I know it. With 'Become the Storm' I'm hoping to lift them up and help them find the power within to defeat their adversaries. Sound serious? It is," asserts Snider.

Former Killswitch Engage and current Light the Torch singer Howard JonesLamb of God guitarist Mark MortonArch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz all guested on the album. Toxic Holocaust's vocalist, guitarist and bassist Joel Grind and drummer Nick Bellmore and Kingdom of Sorrow guitarist and bassist Charlie Bellmore served as the album's backing band. The album was produced by Jamey Jasta. Snider told Loudwire that the idea to work together came when he guested on Jasta's podcast. "On the show he says, 'I’ve got a challenge for you.' And that’s not the words you wanna use with Dee Snider, because I almost always take the challenge. And he said, 'I challenge you to make a true contemporary metal record. Hard.' He says, 'Think Halford, Resurrection.' So the minute he said that, I knew where he was going. And I have nothing but incredible respect for Rob and his ability to just--even with Priest, but when he’s done side projects like Fight or Halford, he’s just always managed to stand tall, be Rob, but with a contemporary sound. And I always thought that was great."

"So I just threw it back at Jamey. I said, 'Who’s producing?' He said, 'I am.' I said, 'All right, let’s go.' So now Jamey says, 'Wow. I’ve challenged a few people, and they’ve never accepted the challenge.' It’s just a 'Field of Dreams' record. It really is. If you make it, somebody will want to put it out, and then people will wanna hear it, and you go from there."

For the Love of Metal comes out July 27 on Napalm Records and pre-orders for the album can be placed at the label's webstore.

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