Deep Purple has always been one of the godfathers of hard rock with hits like "Smoke On The Water", "Highway Star", "My Woman From Tokyo" and "Hush" their sound defined a genre of music.

Ben Wolf

Bassist Roger Glover was one of the founding members of Deep Purple and even came up with the riff that would become "Smoke on the Water".

Believe it or not Deep Purple's 21st album is coming out August 7th. It's titled Woosh!. I asked Roger about the title and he told me that the Deep Purple's entire existance has gone by in a Woosh!. While recording the new album they adopted the motto "Deep Purple is putting the Deep back in Purple". They were inspired to push their creative boundaries and let go of andy artistic limitations they brought to the studio.

Speaking of the studio, the way Deep Purple comes up with and records new music is really unique. They just basically jam until they start to feel something coming together. Then they send singer Ian Gillian off to write some lyrics and then they come back together to record the final song. Roger Glovers told me that singer Ian Gillian has always considered Deep Purple as an instrumental band with lyrical accompaniment.

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~AUGUST 7, 2020~


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