I think we have been taking the recent weather for granted around the Albany area.  We are predicted to get a little wet snow in some of the higher elevations tonight and a little tomorrow too.  In the mean time Denver, Colorado has already been hit with 10 inches of snow and it's not even November.


Last night Denver, Colorado got it's first taste of the 2011/2012 winter.  Some of the snow was so heavy that places surrounding Denver actually lost power.  It's not even November yet, and winter for us in the Albany are is not far off either.

In the high elevations the rain that is expected to pick up later today could be mixing with some wet snow.  Say goodbye to those temperatures in the mid 50's that we have been loving, because tomorrow we won't get past 45.  Seems like Old Man Winter is breathing down our necks.  Maybe he isn't a fan of Halloween?  This weekend  to be pretty cold.  I don't know if you'll have to turn on the heat yet, but a space heater might not be a bad idea.  Getting to snow brush ready might not be a bad idea either.

Not that they are predicting a storm or anything, just be prepared.  The transition from beautiful fall into gross winter is happening.