Back in February, Disturbed revealed plans to release an acoustic EP before entering the studio to record their next album. But it now appears that the EP will not just be a rehash of already popular material.

During a press conference (seen above) prior to the band's mid-March concert in Moscow, David Draiman revealed that there will be some fresh material on the EP. "Well, we're still working on it," the singer stated in response to a question about the disc. "We haven't really set a timeframe in stone. We'd like to kind of have as much time as we need to get it to the point that we're as confident in it as we can possibly be, that we see the songs through to their fruition. And the answer to your question, yes, there will be new original material — original acoustic pieces — as well as acoustic versions of existing songs within the catalog."

Disturbed have enjoyed a particularly fruitful return after their extended hiatus. The band went deep, issuing four singles and a couple of more preview tracks from their Immortalized album. Their worldwide tour was a monster success that frequently featured special guests dropping in to lend their talents to the band's shows. The group also issued a live album late last fall taken from the touring in support of the Immortalized album. The band also earned a Grammy nomination for their cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence" and Immortalized was the band's fifth studio album to top the Billboard 200 Album Chart.

Disturbed's members took part in a handful of side projects during their hiatus, but David Draiman told us late last year that he in particular is focused on continuing with the band rather than venturing out after the Immortalized cycle. "Disturbed takes precedence at this point," the singer told us. "I’m not saying that I’ll never do anything in any other facet, but I’m not going to continue Device and whether or not the other guys decide they want to do something else on the side, that’s certainly up to them. But for me, I have no desire to start any other side projects or anything. That doesn’t mean I won’t do a guest appearance or something like that or produce or co-write or things of that nature. I’m always open to doing things like that. But as far as another side project, that’s pretty much out of the question for me."

Guitarist Dan Donegan seemed to echo that commitment, speaking about returning to the studio earlier this year. "I’ll just save some riff ideas and readdress them later at another time, once we’re all in the right headspace for it. But anytime we’ve written, it always has to just come naturally, when we all feel that we’re ready. There’s never any pressure of saying, ‘We have to start writing right now.’ We don’t like to put any kind of time frame on things,” he said.

Stay tuned for details on Disturbed's acoustic EP as they become available.

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