Serious question.  What is your preference when the show is at a venue with seats, like The Palace?

Larry Busacca/Getty Images
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Take a knee or don't take a knee, that' your prerogative. What I really want to know is your position on taking a seat while you are at a concert?

You know the Capital Region has a lot of amazing concert venues.Some are pretty much standing room only with the exception of perhaps a few scattered bar stools here and there but I have noticed that the majority of the bigger venues tend to be fully seated venues. Over the last couple years as I have been attending shows at many of the great venues in our area I have been noticing at some shows there is a bit of hesitation or controversy on whether or not standing is appropriate.

I have been to some shows where there wasn't even a question and everyone was standing and dancing and somewhere folks just sat and watched the entire performance. However, I have also been to somewhere I felt like I was at a Catholic wedding, stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down. Personally, I like the freedom to move and dance when I am at a show. When the music moves me it's hard for me to sit still.

Here is the situation I found myself in on Saturday night at the Roger Waters show at the Times Union Center ... as soon as the lights went down and the show began it seemed like the entire floor stood up but throughout the 100 and 200 level seats there was definitely sporadic groups of people throughout the arena either standing or sitting. I happened to have an aisle seat and there was a group of people in my section standing so I was standing with them. When all of a sudden a gentlemen from across the aisle started poking at me and telling me to sit down. No one in our section that was standing was really looking to sit at that point but I kind of felt bad and didn't want to be that guy and ruin someone's view so I kind of sat on the seat with the seat flipped up so I was a little higher and I could sort of see through the standers. At one point the man (who's lady friend btw was recording 80% of the show with her flash on) summoned an usher to make the group sit. The usher informed the man that people were allowed to stand. Even though we were technically doing nothing wrong, I still felt like we were going to get in trouble and it felt like he was giving the whole section daggers throughout the entire show.

So my question is, in a situation like this do you stand up or sit down during a rock show?



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