I've never had it, is that why I don't crave it?

Foursquare did a chart ranking the top 50 foods in the United States, in that process each state was assigned it's crave worthiest food. I have a feeling maybe they just threw darts at certain dishes to assign food to a state. The reason is because well we as New Yorker's apparently crave avocado toast badly.

Ill admit, I've never really had avocado. I had it spread on my sub before at Subway. Was indifferent towards it. Why isn't it Buffalo wings or pizza? Hell not even a burger! After digging a little deeper Foursquare's list described the "unique tastes" each state craves the most. So, avocado.. Still not buying it. Our sister state Connecticut at least got a grinder, gimme one of those right now! Missouri got toasted ravioli, COME ON!! But at least they aren't calling us alcoholics unlike the residents of Nevada who crave bottle service.

What should be New York's food to be craved the most?