These kind of stories just break my heart. I'm a huge dog lover, I have four of my own and have rescued countless others. I've also worked with the Humane Society in the past helping to get pets adopted.

This poor dog living in horrible conditions was first posted on Angela Benesch's Facebook page after seeing a girl pouring water on the dog from an upstairs window every time the dog barked. When Angela looked over the fence she saw this poor dog tethered on a very short leash in this filth with trash, feces, and stagnant water all around him.

She tried to contact Animal Control, but there was no answer. Albany Police and Albany Animal Control are now aware of the situation, they are investigating and are trying to contact the owners.

"If you wish to report an animal control complaint, you can always call 518-438-4000 to speak with police communications and we can send an officer to investigate." ~Albany Police

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