Looking for a killer leg exercise but don’t have a gym membership? Well this dude form the Ukraine has you covered.

Who needs fancy weights and bar bells when you've got live stock. Get yourself warmed up and stretched out and head straight to the corral (or wherever they keep donkeys). Once you find the perfect donkey you’re ready to start pumping. Deep squats and straight backs seem like the key to this exercise, but don’t forget to add a friend to the top before you lock those knees out.

This looks impressive and funny but let’s be honest, this is so JV. If you want to do a killer leg workout, you don’t want to go to the Ukraine you need not to look any further than my apartment where the sickest leg days happen. Donkey squats are for the newbs. I see your donkey squats and a raise you a solid set of a double cat squats.

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