Okay, maybe not everyone but hopefully they will soon be able to provide enough for everyone in the Capital Region.

If you have ever had a couple of beers in Saratoga then it's pretty probable that you have enjoyed the deliciousness of an Esperanto's Doughboy, "a burrito-shaped, pizza-crust-encompassed wrap filled with a secret mixture of spices, cheese and chicken breast".

The treat that started out as the answer to the lack of a good burrito joint in Saratoga and quickly became a regional favorite that at first you could only order at the shop on Caroline St. (usually late night) and has since become available during shows at SPAC or at Sartoga Brewfest and now they are even available at 13 Stewart's Shop locations around Saratoga and you can get them wholesale at Jiffy Mart. Even with all these spots selling the dough wrapped awesomeness it is still not enough to fulfill the demand even just here in the Capital Region.

So it appears as though the Pouches, the creators of the doughboy and owners of Esperanto's, are getting ready to legit open up a Doughboy Factory! According to the Albany Business Review;

To expand doughboy production, the Pouches are seeking approval from the City of Mechanicville to operate a commercial bakery at 55 Viall Ave.

I'll be honest here, the thought of doughboy's for everyone had me so excited that I had to share the news a.s.a.p. but the more I keep writing about it I am beginning to become a little worried that the tasty Sartoga treat may loose a little something in mass production. What do you think are you excited for doughboy's to be made for the masses?

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