Back in January, when the coronavirus was barely on anyone's radar Stewart's Shops announced their plans for a huge construction project that included renovating some existing Stewart's Shops, building new stores and even new and expanded warehouse space near Saratoga Springs. I wrote a story about the expansion on January 14, 2020, on the Q1057 website. 

Unfortunately, now it looks like some of those plans are on hold, or cut back due to the countries shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the article in The Albany Business Review, the budget for this year is being cut from $75 million to $45 million. In addition, Stewart's Shops had planned on building seven new stores by July 4th, but now it looks like only two new stores will be built by then.

At first glance, you might think that it's construction delays or a cost-cutting plan that has reduced the budget, but according to Stewart's Shops the biggest hurdle comes from city planning boards and licensing. Most local government is operating with minimal staff and that has slowed the process considerably.

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