One thing you can definitely expect this weekend (especially if you decide to take a ride after tossing a few cold ones back) are police and DMV, who will 'be out in force' patrolling Albany Area roads.

Along with DWI sweeps, cops and DMV will be looking for people under the influence of illegal drugs and prescription medication. In other words, no need to take a handful of Xanax before you get behind the wheel. Why anyone would do that is beyond me, but hey, why do people drink and drive?

The 'Super Bowl Stop-DWI Crackdown' kicks off today and will run through Monday all over the Albany area. Point of all this? Go to your parties, have a great time but do it responsibly.  Believe it or not there will be others driving who weren't drinking like a rock-star. Hell, they may even have their kids with them. Be safe and be smart!


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