A week after Wrestlemania one of the WWE's biggest stars had to step out of his bad boy persona and get real with fans about retiring.


I don't really watch wrestling anymore, but when I was a kid I loved it. My brother and I lived to watch Monday Night Raw and when they added Smackdown, forget it.  I remeber when Edge first came into Wrestling.  He was a big time weirdo and we loved it.  He would come in through the crowd like some mysterious character. We nothing of his background except for if you left yourself vulnerable to his "spear" you were done for.

Eventually Edge would become a WWE superstar winning the title on both Raw and Smackdown plus becoming a tag team champion on more than one occasion.  He would then turn into an antagonist, but the crowd always loved him.  He had a serious neck injury in 2003 which took him over a year to recover from, but when he returned his star only grew bigger.

On Monday Night Raw this week Edge or Adam Copeland announced that he was dealing with complications due to that neck injury including losing feeling in his arms.  Under the advisement of the WWE Edge went to get more tests done to see what was wrong and that's when the doctors told him that he would need to retire.  He addressed the crowd to let them know what was going on and that he would no longer be wrestling to which he received chants from the crowd saying "Thank You Edge" over and over.   I am glad he caught site of his injuries before things got worse because far to many wrestlers are dying young.

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