Every year I wait until the last possible minute to pull my snowblower out of my garage to get it ready for the winter. This year is no exception. With 1"-3" of snow forecasted in the Capital Region overnight into Friday morning I guess it's time to get started....well that's IF it will start.

The first thing that you should have done back in the spring when you put your snowblower away for the season was to either drain all the fuel or add a fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas before you put it away for the season. Did I do this? No, because I'm an idiot and I usually don't follow my own advice. Now, if you have a time machine, go back and do that. I'll wait for my five steps until you get back. Oh, so nobody had a time machine? Well, in that case, let's get started.

Getting Your Snowblower Ready For Winter

So, there are a few of my tips to get your snowblower ready this season. Good luck and if you get a chance can you do my driveway?

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