If your candidate does not win the Presidential Election what are you going to do?

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Are you going to move to Mexico, Canada, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan?

Are you going to friend the people that you un-friended during the Election?

Will there be riots?

I don't think that anyone is going anywhere, I think that people are just going to complain about the same things they did four years ago or eight years ago, some people may re-friend their friends on Facebook.

I find it kind of scary that the one thing I can count on is that if Trump wins or loses, there is going to be a riot somewhere in America. The question is: where will the riot be? My money is on Florida because when it comes to making America look bad, Florida never disappoints.

Some people will argue that if Trump does not win that there will be riots in Texas, I don't think that there will be any riots in Texas, surprisingly Texas is always very diplomatic when they disagree with the rest of America, they will just say that they are going to secede from the nation again.

The only thing I am really curious about is if Madonna is actually going to fulfill her promise for those who vote for Hillary, will there be a video?


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